About us

We touch the sky with our creativity

1POINT61 is an innovative product design firm based in Wallonia, Belgium. Our main mission is to be the best partner for designing new products. With a strategic and technical mindset, we ensure to deliver competitive advantage solutions that drive commercial success for our clients.

Having built our knowledge, experience and creativity in various industries such as aerospace, nuclear and healthcare, we have developed a distinctive approach that address any challenges companies from all shapes might have when creating a new product.

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Merge a human/business approach to design innovative products

Integrating a human and business approach when it comes to designing and engineering new products is essential for the success of businesses. Whether you are a startup looking to disrupt a market or an established company trying to consolidate your leadership, we believe it is indisputable to balance business objectives with empathy to deliver value to your customers.
Using innovation, strategy and design/engineering, we turn problems into creative solutions that deliver:

- A unique competitive advantage
- A positive return on investment for your business
- Groundbreaking experiences for your customers

Bring together the skills needed on the table

As one of the last generalist profession that exists, we industrial designers cannot do everything by ourselves. In fact, when it comes to designing a new product, some highly specialized skills might be needed to address a specific point, such as a research center focusing on textile, glass, material, ... .

By surrounding ourselves with genious and top notch experts, from a particular material selection to mass-production, we make sure to find a solution to any potential challenge you might have.

Integrate our clients in the process

Who said that innovation has to be a one-person job?

We believe that innovation comes from collaboration. We work with our clients as part of a team, making sure to integrate their strengths into the innovative process. By partnering with our clients, we discover the right ideas and shift them into desirable, feasible and economical solutions that reach their business goals.