Areva / Orano

Constantly innovate to consolidate world leadership

The company in a nutshell

Orano (formerly Areva) is a French multinational company specialized in nuclear fuel businesses, from upstream to downstream of the cycle. World leader in nuclear fuel cycle products and services, from mining to dismantling, recycling, logistics and engineering, with more than 16,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of 3.5 billion euros, the group is committed on a daily basis to meet the world's energy challenges and provide powerful, secure, low-carbon and competitive electricity.


This 1 year and a half partnership with AREVA, now called ORANO was to go beyond limits. The main objective was about identifying and developing new innovative concepts to provide additional services, functions, auxiliaries,... that could be included or added in or on the nuclear packaging.


Through internal interviews with key employees, the first part of the collaboration was to define new concepts that could solve challenges through creativity sessions. Once a series of concepts established, the goals have been to determine the strategic and operational value of confirmed orientations and how it could be implemented in the global strategy of the company, to position the best development opportunities along a cause/effect axis, and consolidate technologies through spatial solutions.


Through one and a half year of intensive partnership, we developed 15 innovative concepts to solve real critical problems for the company. This includes: 1. a transport solution that capture and regulate thermal energy for use in a new intelligent and autonomous measurement and control system; 2. a storage solution a new deployable structure called "Dock" with high dissipation Directly recoverable, self-sufficient and self-controlled heat, adaptable for a range of packaging and the significant reduction of operating times and the improvement of protections and interfaces for passive and active control of the packaging.