Design/Engineering at its best

The startup in a nutshell

Baswil is an ambitious company that sells stabilizers for children that revolutionizes the learning of biking with its small flexible wheels. It allows to work on their balance and to learn the right gestures for riding a bike.


Designing a new concept based on a product that is so well accepted by the market was definitely a challenge we wanted to address. The goal was to develop an innovative concept around the stabilizers for children. Identifying current problems of classical stabilizers, the goal was to translate current problems of what was available on the market into the new product. In parallel, one of the objective had been to define a strong B2B and B2C strategy to maximize the success of the startup.


With our strategic approach that focus on the end-user and the engineering aspects during the entire product design, the design had to be fun, colorful and needed to represent the young audience at the lowest possible price. Not only did we gather different partners, from GoodYear Luxembourg, #1 leader in wheels, and the University of UCL for specific mechanical aspects, we made sure to address every factors that would guarantee the creation of a successful product.


A beautiful and functional product that allows children to properly learn how to bike. Not only do we bring a security with the 15° degree inclinations that allow the kids to actually feel how to turn left and right, this product indirectly helps any young kid to develop their abdominal belt, which is critical for the healthy growth of kids.