Space Application Services

From a laboratory product for a space application towards a market diversification

The company in a nutshell

Space Applications Services is a Belgian company with a subsidiary in Houston, USA. Their goal is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products and provide services to the aerospace and security markets and related industries. Its activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, launch/re-entry vehicles, control centres, robotics and a wide range of information systems.


Starting from a laboratory product, the challenge was to identify current product constraints and find technology transfer opportunities in diverse industries. Once those elements defined: materials selection, design integration, as well as on the ground testing had to be implemented in order to validate the overall concept


In order to innovate around the robotic arm, product analysis, including constraints and opportunities, had to be the first departure of our collaboration. Once established, the following step had been to define market opportunities that could add business value to the potential buyers of the solution. With a human/business oriented mindset, the ergonomic of the laboratory product had to naturally evolved into a more practical way to use the technology to the new audience.


Taking into account all the constraints and opportunities involved, the result is an ergonomic and technical arm that have been tested alongside the national military academy of Belgium. The product can be implemented for nuclear dismantlement and demining use.