From a micromobility problem to a strong parking solution

The startup in a nutshell

eDock is a young Belgian startup that aims to help companies and cities promote micromobility through multimodal electronic parking solutions. By focusing on a universal, multimodal, secure and connected system, eDock guarantees to provide an optimal solution to the problems related to micromobility.


Starting from just an idea, the challenge was to move forward the idea into a desirable, feasible and viable concept that could benefit the audience. We will never say it enough that designing a beautiful product only makes sense if the solution can be feasible and implemeted in a strong and viable business model. Part of the challenge is to always keep in mind that human/business approach to guarantee the success of a new product on the market.


With our human/business approach, the entire process of transforming an idea into a viable solution has been to keep the end user in mind when designing the product, integrating all technicality to guarantee its feasibility, selecting the right materials and manufacturing processes to ensure production, and finally to take into account all business aspects, such as unit cost and investment.


The end result is a remarquable docking station for bikes and electric scooters. With the end user in mind, we ensured to design a universal, multimodal, secure, connected, attractive, autonomous, and movable solution that will optimize the use of micromobility solutions.