From a patent to be upgraded to a breakthrough innovation

The company in a nutshell

Medestime is a Belgian company based in Wallonia, Belgium specialised in manufacturing and selling blue light incubators for the treatment of jaundice of new born babies, a disease that makes the skin of newborns yellowish due to a high production of bilirubin or the difficulty of the liver to get rid of it quickly.


Different challenges faced this great company. First, due to a highly competitive market from Europe and China, Medestime was facing a decrease in their leadership and needed to innovate. To complement this challenge, their know-how, secured by an international patent, was about to go to an end, allowing all their competitors to use their technology. Plus, a new medical norm « Nidcap » had to be adapted into the products babies use at the hospital. Finally, focusing on the end-user, we figured out through market analysis that the actual incubators that allow babies to heal from jaundice is pretty much archaïc and cold towards the wellness of the baby as well as the parents.


Our approach consisted on defining a concept that would add value to the end-use as well as differentiating the company from the competitors that were becoming extremely tough. Thanks to our design/engineering approach, with a strong business centered mindset, we were able to determine key elements, such as space technology implementation to address a specific issue that came on the way of the development, to integrate a unit cost that fits the financial objectives of the company and to design a product that would be beneficial to the new born as well as the parents


Through multiple iterations in the product design phase as well as high technical expertise required along the journey of our collaboration, we designed a remarquable product with cutting-edge technology integrated in beautiful and practical design. The product, the “Bili Doll” wrap brings comfort to the new born, helps mothers give all their love during the first weeks post-birth that are critical for the well-being of the new born baby, and ensures that the technology integrated in the wrap offers maximum treatment for jaundice disease.