From a patented space technology to a remarquable new product in the film industry

The company in a nutshell

European supplier of space equipment, COMAT is specialized in mechanisms, scientific equipment, electric propulsion and space products. After more than 40 years of collaboration with CNES, ESA, and the main European space actors, COMAT has built a solid know-how for the implementation of space projects.


Having built a strong know-how for the implementation of space projects, the challenge to address during our collaboration involved the implementation of a space technology that could be beneficial in diverse industries. Starting from scratch, the goal had been to identify a desirable, feasible and viable concept that would benefit the company.


Having a strong human/business mindset, the collaboration started with diverse creativity sessions with the membres of the company to explore potential industries that could benefit the technology. Once the industry selected, in this case, the post-production, the objective had to keep the technological value, at 50.000€ cost in space application into a new post-production product, at an approximately cost of 3000€.


A marvelous innovation with a mechanism that helps to bring coherence between background and foreground movements during film post-production (a moving image on a green background and the foreground movements of an actor for example). This prevents a film scene from appearing false and creating inconsistency between the background movement and the foreground movement from occurring.