From a sheet metal work to a new material and manufacturing process

The company in a nutshell

First manufacturer of pellet boilers, 100% innovative and 100% Belgian. With a strong focus in innovation, the company succeeds daily in the challenge of combining technological innovation and simplicity for both the installer and the user.


Primarely using sheet metal work for its boiler hood, the company had the objective to change its “very industrial and very square look” hood into a new design involving new materials and new manufacturing techniques that could optimize the general assembly of the product during manufacturing. Once the materials and production techniques selected, the other challenged included the holding in temperature of the materials during production.


Taking into considerations the stakes of manufacturing new products, our approach consisted of choosing the right materials and manufacturing techniques according to the financial objectives of the company . Once the materials and production techniques selected, we ensured to define a design that could be easily assembled during the production of peeling boilers.


A beautiful design of a boiler hood using a new material that can easily hold in temperature during the termoforming process. The boiler hood is easily assembled during production, can easily integrate screens and buttons, and broadly speaking, helping the positioning of the company.