From space technology to the implementation of a new solution in the environmental sector

The company in a nutshell

French company Nimesis is the world leader in the field of smart space actuators. It is specialized in the development and production of actuators, temperature safety mechanisms and smart devices for the industry.


Having a strong expertise in the field of shape memory alloys (AMF), the company ought to develop an autonomous detector of forest fires using passive AMF systems. The challenge was about creating an innovative system based on a new integration of high temperature shape memory components, dedicated in the space industry at first, in a new environment.


Complementarity is the key word of this collaboration. Having a strong know-how in the shape memory alloys, our role had been to translate their unique expertise into a new innovative product that would be easy to integrate in a green environment and extremely efficient to detect fire with the lowest possible margin of errors, all together in a viable business model.


By developing strong partnerships, such as a support services and project management company and a company focusing on maintaining the health of the population and centralizing information for environmental management of hazardous products, we have developed a product that provides a unique value proposition that enables the detection of a forest fire in an extremely short period of time, allowing authorities to deploy the necessary measures to avoid an ecological disaster.