Exo-skeleton arm

From an idea to a highly innovative concept

The project in a nutshell

This project is issued from the Space Creativity Center acceleration program with the European Space Agency. The entrepreneurs wished to developed an exo-skeleton at the best value for money.


The challenge that the entrepreneurs were facing was an ergonomic one. Compared to existing solutions that are very old-fashioned and complex to use, the goal was to design a product that could be easily manipulated by mine-clearers. When it comes to saving human lives, reducing the risk of error was our main focus when defining a new concept.


The approach we used when designing a new product was, at first, to list every constraints and opportunities that already existed in products availables on the market. Not only it helped us to go beyond limits of what was possible, it also helped us eliminate the complexity and define an-easy-to-use solution for such a high risk job as demining is.


The end result is a very gracious, ergonomic, and highly practical exo-skeleton arm that can be easily manipulated by mine-clearers. Our main focus during the design process was to remove complexity while maximizing safetiness for the end users.