Traceability at its best. Making data available efficiently and reliably, anywhere in real time

The company in a nutshell

The company develops hardware and software solutions to ensure permanent tracking and communication of all types of vehicles, from the air, sea and space sectors. Their products are divided into three categories: Skyliberty , Sealiberty, and Spaceliberty. Their solution: to allow, to follow, and to exchange messages and be warned in case of air, sea and space infringements.


the main challenge is a technical one. Positioning itself in strong sectors, such as aerospace and maritime, the products developped by Esnah need to have a the margin to error is close to zero. To ensure that a product such as the SkyLink work in extreme conditions, factors such as vibration, mechanical resistance and adapted materials specificically to these demanding sectors has to be taken into consideration as early as possible in the product design.


In order to ensure success of the SkyLink product, our approach consisted on balancing three critical elements which include having a strong understanding of the end user, taking into consideration every technical factors to minimize risks early in the product design, and defining a strategic product roadmap to guarantee that the solution will be delivered on time to very demanding multinational clients in a very complex market.


We support ESNAH in its diversification strategy, through the development of waterproof enclosures, resistant to the extreme conditions of their environments and therefore easily integrated. The proprietary design reinforces this feeling of robustness and direct brand identification to their strong positioning in a highly competitive market.