Smile Bin

Without efficient production management of food waste towards awareness through the user experience

The startup in a nutshell

Smile Bin is a young Wallonian company that sells monitoring food waste solutions to school canteen and refectory businesses. Its product help senior managers make better ecological decisions when it comes to food management overall.


The main challenge was to answer the following question: « How can I raise awareness of food waste and reduce it on a daily basis? ». Based on this huge problematic regarding food waste, the company aimed to create a strong value proposition that could help individuals to better manage their food waste.


Our global approach consisted on implementing an eco-design process early in the creation of the new product. Together with the entrepreneur, we decided to integrate environmental protection criteria in the entire value chain of the product, from concept to manufacturing. This includes raw materical extraction and supply, product distribution, consumer use and end of life of the product. This helped us to co-create a global solution that enables the young company a strong positioning in the industry.


The end result is an efficient hardware and software solution involving a great user experience that allow school canteen and business refectory to easily measure their food waste. Thus, thanks to this fun and practical monitoring tool, the canteens can make better decisions when it comes to food management.