Drawing up design specifications

Use of Design Thinking through creative sessions

Market study to determine the most promising sector

Study of materials

Study of industrial costs

3D Modeling

Realization of functional prototypes

Industrial launch



From a patent to be upgraded to a breakthrough innovation

The Concept

Our mission, in collaboration with the Centexbel research center, was to revalorize a patent held by a Belgian company, a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of blue light incubators for the treatment of jaundice in newborns.

The objective

The objective of our collaboration was to look for a space technology, a technology used by the Belgian astronaut Franck Dewinne, in order to innovate around a new product.

The new technology used, PCM - phase-change material, has allowed the company to create a new innovative product and to differentiate itself from the competition by developing a sleeping bag that allows newborns to continue to be cared for by this new technology and to continue to be cuddled and breastfed by their mothers.

The Finality

After these different phases, which lasted 18 months, this new innovation has made it possible:

- to meet the new NIDCAP standards, which aim to reduce the stress of medical care for newborns

- to reach 80 distributors worldwide at the European Medica Exhibition.

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