Drawing up design specifications

Use of Design Thinking through creative sessions

Market study to determine the most promising sector

Study of materials

Study of industrial costs

3D Modeling

Realization of physical prototypes

Industrial launch



From patented space technology to market diversification in the film industry

The Concept

It is a parallel architecture robot mechanism that offers three degrees of freedom (azimuth, elevation and deployment radius). This mechanism provides consistency between the background and foreground during film post-production.

The objective

The objective of this innovation is therefore to bring perfect coherence between background movements (a moving image on a green background for example) and foreground movements (an actor for example). This prevents a film scene from appearing false and an inconsistency between background and foreground movement from occurring.


Thanks to the various actions undertaken throughout the collaboration, we were able to define a design concept with a strong user experience and a viable business model in the post-production sector.

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