Analysis of the laboratory product

Identification of constraints and definition of market opportunities

Design and Ergonomics Study

3D Modeling

Study of materials

Market tests



From space technology to the implementation of a new solution in the environmental sector

The Concept

The company, which specializes in the development and production of shape memory alloy (SMA) components, wanted to develop an autonomous forest fire detector using passive SMA systems. The innovative system was therefore based on a new integration of high-temperature shape memory components (patented) dedicated to Space in a new environment.

In detail, AMFs are materials that recover their shape at a programmed temperature to transmit a mechanical action. These materials are super-elastic and robust, making it possible to produce highly flexible components.

The objective

The objective was to test, develop and implement a system of passive forest fire detection networks to safeguard high value-added territories.


By developing strong partnerships (a company specializing in shape memory alloys (AMF), a company providing support services and project management, a company with expertise in maintaining the health of the population and centralizing information for environmental management of hazardous products), we have developed a product with a unique value proposition that makes it possible to detect a forest fire in an extremely short time, enabling the authorities to deploy the necessary measures to avoid an ecological disaster.

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