Realization of design specifications Study of materials

Implementation of an eco-design strategy

Formal and ergonomic research according to the user experience sought

3D modeling material selection / production technique

Industrial Optimization Industrial Coordination and Partnerships



Solutions without direct management of food waste generation towards awareness through user experience

The Concept

It is an intelligent sorting counter that raises consumer awareness about reducing food waste in canteens.

The information generated acts as a "platform" for a double impact:

1. On the consumers: To make them (young and old) aware of the way they consume.

The consumer receives a green, orange or red smiley depending on the amount of waste generated. The goal for the consumer is to adapt his behaviour according to his real food needs.

2. On canteen managers: Measuring and aggregating the data generated, in order to calculate the impact of a dish/menu on the generation of organic waste. Thus, adjustments can be made to the quantity depending on the dish; but also other types of services related to catering.

Feedback on a web platform

To view and retrieve the information, the manager connects by login and password to a platform hosted on a cloud.


The Smile Bin solution acts as a platform of "meeting" between :

- The consumer who is at the source of waste generation

- The manager, by retrieving data on the amount of waste collected after meals in the canteens

- (In the case of a group of restaurants) Management of a restaurant fleet to meet these objectives on the environmental impacts of the business

It is a valuable innovation that puts uses and habits at the heart of reflection and optimization actions.

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